Monday, 28 January 2013

Common Ancestor or Common Designer?

When Atheists and/or Evolutionists try to convince me that the concept of a Creator is illogical, unnecessary and contradictory to the facts, I find that a very brief conversation reveals just the opposite is true.  

Supposed missing links, rather than being in the thousands, as Darwin declared would be necessary to prove his theory, are few and far between; they are still missing!  This is because they are non-existent.  As we should expect, the fossils which are presented as missing links are embarrassing to say the least.  Ambulocetus was presented to me recently as a link between wolves and whales; not only does the structure of this animal’s head more closely resemble that of a crocodile, but the bottom half of its skeleton is missing.  The legs and tail of this creature are, therefore, pure guesswork.  But they insist that whales must have had legs at some point because they have two small bones in their lower body.  These bones are used in the sexual reproduction of the whale, and the myth of a whale being found with a mutant leg growing out of it has been long debunked.  But Ambulocetus is nearly all they’ve got and they must uphold their theory somehow.

In reality, the only link between these creatures is the little line the Evolutionist draws between their pictures.  The radical changes required in the head alone, such as the rearrangement of nostrils and the eyes shifting to the side of the head, to move from a mammalian crocodile to a whale have no substantial evidence in the fossil record, nor does the drift from wolf to croc.
No, animals produce after their own kind: Canines make canines and felines make felines; there are boundaries to the variations they can produce.  No genus can produce another, short-term or long-term.  Once the missing links are exposed as pure speculation, the Evolutionist then abandons the entire realm of fossils and turns to genetics.

Recently on youtube, 'TheScienceFoundation' declared to me that ‘the 44 chromosome man of China’ has two fused chromosomes (14 & 15), rather than the regular 46 chromosomes found in humans.  According to the Evolutionist, this therefore proves that 2A and 2B, two chromosomes found in chimps and bonobos, could easily have fused together at one time and that this is how we now have our chromosome 2.  He therefore concludes that we must share a common ancestor with chimps and bonobos.
This is not just a common argument amongst Atheists but it is the evidence presented by Evolutionists to prove that man and ape have the same granddaddy…  But it does not necessitate a common ancestor in the least, as I soon found out.

The genetic information in this inbred Chinese man (and another Turkish woman with the same trait) is exactly the same as a normal person, just repackaged.  Wild horses have 33 chromosome pairs whilst tamed horses typically have 32.  The house mouse has 40 and yet a population in the Alps was found to have just 22.  Similar experiments have been conducted on cows and sheep and shown that all fusion does is repackage the information already present.  The fusion of the chromosomes does not produce a different species, let alone a different genus (or kind) over time.
Bonobos and chimps never produce anything other than apes.  Man, even if he had 48 chromosomes at some time in the past, was still a man.

As for Chromosome 2, firstly, the fusion site and fusion event of this chromosome pair were in the ‘wrong place’.  They didn’t quite match up with the apes’ genomes.  Secondly, the 798-base core sequence at the fusion site is found throughout the human genome, whereas it is very rare in our banana-loving chums.
Then, for the cherry on the cake, I find that the sequences at the ends of the chromosomes did not bear the characteristic of having been fused at all!
More could have been read and said but enough was enough.  Once a voiced idea has been fully exposed as corrupt, as Christians, we shouldn’t waste our time with it any longer (Proverbs 17:4).

The fact that a chromosome pair in humans looks similar to two chromosomes in apes, if those two were ever fused together, no more proves common ancestry than it does a common designer.  Apes have thumbs but does this ipso facto mean we had a common ancestor?  No more than it does a common designer.  The fact is that common ancestry is a big presupposition.  Evolutionists are imposing a worldview which the evidence in no way necessitates by itself.
The difference is that when the Evolutionist points to the fossil record, they have absolutely nothing to show for their ideas.  Yet, as Creationists, we not only point to the many facets of creation which demand a comprehending Designer but, also, to His inspired book, filled with miraculously fulfilled prophecies in order to prove to us that this Designer is outside of time and that the things He desires to communicate to us are of ultimate significance.  Just with our Messiah alone, the chances of one man fulfilling the prophecies written of Him is 1 in 10 to the power of trillions of trillions (a number astronomically larger than the realms of possibility).  And, most importantly, the historical evidence weighs so heavily in favour of His life, miracles, death and even His resurrection!  Having studied law, I can say that, in a court of law, the evidence for Christ would be irrefutable. 
Jesus has confirmed that He is the Messiah who came to reconcile people to a God whom we naturally despise and do not wish to judge us for the immoral things we think and do, even though we know in our conscience that they are evil and that there is such a thing as evil.
This same Jesus taught that the creation account given us in Genesis is a perfectly accurate historical narrative.  And He quoted it as authoritative to say that
‘from the beginning of the creation God made [people] male and female.’ (Mark 10:6)
Either He is a liar, a madman or the Son of God – the truth itself.  All evidence points to the latter. 

Whilst the Evolutionist declares that his presupposition must be true because there simply cannot be a God, the Creationist fairly interprets the evidence in light of the veracity of the Bible and Jesus Christ who has demonstrated Himself to be God.  This is not science vs. religion, these are two belief systems.

On a personal note, however, having previously been on the other side of the fence, hating Bible-believing Christians, concluding that the world would be better off without them, I cannot feel any animosity even to the rudest and most childish of Atheists, such as Richard Dawkins.  Instead, I give all thanks to the God who came and revealed Himself in me, unmasking what I am and who He is, changing me from the inside out.  Nonetheless, knowing that a Creator exists on such a personal level, I can no more deny His existence than I can the existence of the woman who gave birth to me.

Hebrews 11:3  Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

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